About us

Noble and Swiss design

We combine the traditional with the young, make fashion for today, always with a touch of nostalgia.
Thanks to our high-quality materials and a suitable cut, we ensure a pleasant and comfortable wearing experience. With the discreet use of the classic edelweiss, we create elegant clothes that are suitable for everyday use.
The name stands for the beauty and advantages of our Swiss homeland. Paired with the simple, noble fabrics and crowned with the traditional edelweiss motif, our fashion harmonizes with the zeitgeist.

Noble and Swiss design



Elegance, tradition and modernity! These are the values ​​that Edelvetica unites. But as is so often the case, the idea of ​​a tradition-conscious, yet modern fashion label came about by chance.
While modeling for the Swiss farmers' calendar, I noticed that there was no modern fashionable way of expressing homeland and love for Switzerland in everyday life besides traditional costume. I wanted to change that!

It all started in 2017 on a very small scale: With 4 t-shirts that my Gotti painstakingly handcrafted with edelweiss embroidery. I quickly received very positive feedback from people around me and more and more people have expressed their interest in modern, but still traditional, everyday fashion.

After I found a company in Zurich that lived up to my demands for the highest quality and workmanship, the first 80 black and 80 white shirts went into production - initially only for men - and Edelvetica was born!

On July 23, 2017 the time had come: the Edelvetica Shop went online. The design and quality were so convincing that the limited quantities were quickly sold out and more pieces had to be produced. All sales were put into product development and production, so that women can now also show their modern homeland.

The children's room was converted into a warehouse and my parents' living room was added later. Edelvetica grew and after a year the limited space was no longer sufficient, so that the warehouse and office in the Kapellhof in Tuggen had to be relocated to my aunt. Edelvetica expanded further in February 2019 and relocated its current headquarters to Siebnen.

Since January 2019 I have been able to welcome my cousin Lukas Steinauer to the Edelvetica team, who has now taken over warehouse management and customer communication. In Lukas I have found someone who is just as committed to and behind Edelvetica, quality and modern tradition as I do.

Special thanks go to all the volunteers, friends and family without whom the modern Swiss traditional fashion project would not have been possible.

I would also like to thank you on behalf of Edelvetica for all the positive feedback and suggestions for improvement. Edelvetica would not be what it is today without you.

Your Valentin